Business Model

Just as our corporate structure is simple, so is our business model. Vixcroft uses the team’s extensive experience, continuing the approach of the Arrowcroft asset management business from which we came, to ‘rescue’ the value in property assets, by looking at what can be done to improve income and value.

We are buyers of property investments on our account with our own sources of institutional funding, or maybe co-investing with the current owner if not taking the whole investment.

Vendors may have reluctantly come to terms with holding a troublesome or problematic asset, no longer performing to requirement, no longer suited to their own business model or the skills they have to analyse and fix it.

Or they may have or acquired a property portfolio where there are some unwanted components, or where the property needs serious redevelopment and the owner does not have the appetite for what could be a long-term project.

Where we are acting as a wide-ranging  asset manager, there is perhaps a weak performance, requiring development and some determined asset management work.

If we are managing a turnaround of a third party’s property, we would normally be remunerated on an incentive basis against results. This relies on the owner’s capital, but we can stand alongside them if external funding for capital is needed. The outcome generally is that the owner will have either a saleable property most likely to be sold at optimum price or one which now produces the desired investment performance. 

We have in-house specialists and consultants, or engage outside specialists to tackle anything needed to attend to lifting value – be it physical works or rigorous management of the property’s income/outgoings. We work closely with all the users of the building, and public authorities to ensure the best outcomes as the property is repurposed for current market conditions.

Where we buy a property for our own account, a vendor will find we can make quick decisions, have finance in place and can handle any complex ownership or finance structures with skill.

When we have completed our purchase, in what we will aim to be a smooth transition, we will move quickly to bring the property’s financial and asset management  in-house, and will already have our plans developing for what is needed, and can be  done to start lifting income and value.

An important principle in Vixcroft’s business is to work in partnership with everyone who has an interest in our buildings. We don’t speculate in property but are building an asset-based business.