Albert Dock, Liverpool

This project was an early, groundbreaking example of regeneration on a scale sufficient to change external perceptions of a City, commencing at a time of serious unrest in Liverpool. Vixcroft directors shaped and implemented the project from inception to the present day.

At commencement, the Albert Dock was entirely derelict, commercial shipping having ceased in 1920.

The Albert Dock has been developed, owned and managed by Arrowcroft through a continual process of incremental development, change and refinement over thirty years, contributing to the metamorphosis of Liverpool into a vibrant and more economically-viable local economy over that period.

The estate comprises a total of 1.3m sqft of hotels, museums, restaurants, retail, residential, leisure uses and multi-let offices.

The regeneration of Liverpool’s Albert Dock, Britain’s largest group of Grade I listed buildings, is now designated as a World Heritage site by UNESCO, and the completed development forms part of Arrowcroft’s remaining investment portfolio.