Centre Managers' Conference

Vixcroft convened its inaugural, Centre Managers' Conference at the attractive Moor Hall in Cookham on 21st April 2015. In attendace were senior managers from the Group’s four centres; Vixcroft Directors and staff; and key external consultants, including Fawcett Mead and JLL. 

The Conference Agenda commenced with an open presentation from each centre team on their asset, its issues and opportunities, focussing on whatever topics the team felt to be relevant and worthy of sharing with colleagues.  In this way, the Conference encouraged an open dialogue and enabled each team to contribute and benefit from the experience of others. 

Open discussions were then held on a broad list of topics' ranging from car park charging and management to sustainability. 

Vixcroft Staff and Directors, Fawcett Mead and other consultants also made presentations on their objectives and relevant issues. All participants judged the event a success and Vixcroft plans to repeat the conference and a regular basis.