Our special services:

Our Services for Lenders

Vixcroft personnel have decades of experience assessing properties and companies in difficulty. Typically, a difficult situation has arisen after a long period of decline and management inaction where loan-to-value cover has collapsed and lenders either have to stick with incumbent borrowers (generally now ‘out of money’) or to take matters into their own hands.  

When assessing such a problematic situation we can offer an unbiased alternative perspective to Agents (who frequently have a vested interest in promoting a quick sale even when the asset may realise more after a proactive management intervention) and to Receivers-in-waiting, who in our experience whilst having insolvency experience can often lack our practical asset management skills.  We bring over 200 years of combined experience, covering bank provisioning and accounting consultancy, advising on corporate restructurings, property turnarounds and insolvency practice.

We have particular skills in modelling property situations to develop robust, risk-aware, asset management plans which, since the 2008 financial crash, have been used by seven major financial institutions as part of their asset resolution decision making. In some cases we have gone on to manage those assets, achieving realisations on average 60% higher than valued at the time of our appointment as asset managers.  In one case, after an open market sale process, we have gone on to acquire an asset previously under management.

In situations with a strong upside and where the resources necessary to generate incremental value are unavailable, we are open to co-investing alongside existing lenders to implement development plans.  Alternatively, should a lender be resolved to exit in the short-term, we have proven ourselves to be reliable purchasers. 'We have never ‘chipped’ an offer down.  Our philosophy is to undertake thorough due diligence pre-offer and then to stick to our word.