About Vixcroft

Although Vixcroft was created in 2014, it has already established a reputation as a skilled team of people with a hands-on approach to turning around the income and value of problematic real estate assets, for the benefit of all who depend on them (eg shoppers, visitors, users and occupiers), as much as it does our investors.

Directors, staff and our broader network of professionals (many of whom have worked together for decades) have one vision in directly managing and improving how each asset benefits its location, its users and our partners.  

Vixcroft’s skills give it the capability to see through the whole process of identifying and delivering what is required.  Partnering is an important principle for us, as is the application of our wide range of in-house skills and experience in a focused way.

We own or manage, revitalise and improve property assets across the country; the regions being our speciality. We can put our skills to work, flexibly and without fuss, for owners, and we are growing our own portfolio. Whether for other owners or for ourselves, we produce imaginative results for assets which previously may not have had the attention they deserved.

Property doesn’t have to be difficult.