Partnering has a very wide meaning at Vixcroft. It isn’t just with those in formal legal agreement relationships; it goes much wider. Our attitude comes from our many years of working with everyone involved in the success of our activities.

We work in partnership not just with our financing partners, and tenants, but also with Local Authorities, as our partners. Councils wear many relevant hats – planning authority; maybe with the freehold or a slice of ownership from when a site was assembled and first developed; as ‘guardians’ for visitors to our location in the town; maybe through the town’s town centre management structure; maybe their role in local transport, parking policy, policing and security. Vixcroft executives have a long track record working with the public sector to deliver revitalisation.

We want our investments and plans for them to be a catalyst for a town’s prosperity. Shopping centres especially are living things, dependant on wide perceptions and confidence, as much as on performance.

We partner with all our advisers – lawyers, agents, architects, and the like, who have specialist knowledge to compliment our in-house skills, and we get advice from them when they understand our vision and want to see it happen.

Our partnership with tenants and service providers in our assets is crucial. That’s one of the reasons why we bring rent-roll management in-house, as it gives us the overview of the health of our tenants.

Neither landlords nor tenants like surprises. Are they struggling, or doing so well they are thinking about more floorspace? Especially, have they got ideas for us which will improve our results as well as their own? Of course we want our formal retailer consultation structure, but we know the benefits from working more closely than that with our tenants.

Working more closely with our tenants has also meant, that we get back the understandings both sides had when leases were created, and seek to mend any inadvertent breaches or unintentional variations.

the partnering with our financiers is obvious, but also more subtle. As they know and trust us, we can grow that by showing the results we are achieving since their funds helped us acquire the investment. That helps us build a strong band of supporters, and as we get to know them, we can more intelligently ask them to join us when we next need funds. Because of the skills across Vixcroft, it also means that we and our advisers and other partners, and vendors, understand that the time lapses between identifying, bidding, completing and structuring our purchases should, and can, be minimised.

Thanks to our in-house skills and our consultants, we understand and speak the language of our partners, and know what they want from us.